The ‘Believe In Yourself’ Biscuits

Encouragement is great in all forms, but edible encouragement is the best of all surely?

Everyone loves an unexpected edible treat arriving through their letterbox, and we created this box for those occasions when a text message, card or a bunch of flowers just won’t do!

We all need to believe in ourselves a bit more sometimes don’t we and when we forget, a biscuit reminder is just the job to get us back on track!

We can also include a personal, handwritten message please add the details in the box.

All our biscuits are sent gift wrapped and will fit through a standard letterbox.

For ingredient and delivery information and to read our FAQ’s click here.

Please note that any additional personalisation requested won’t be included. For fully bespoke biscuit sets please click here.

All our biscuits are baked and stamped to order and as the icing is coloured by hand, the colours may vary.


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