The ‘Believe You Can’ Biscuits

It’s only since I’ve been training for a marathon myself that I’ve realised quite how much hard work, dedication and determination is needed to be able to run 26.2 miles – and it made me think that surely treats are needed, both to keep us going before the big event and as a great big CONGRATULATIONS once the finish line is crossed and all that hard work is done. So these special biscuits are designed to do just that!

Not just for runners though, everyone needs a little reminder that they can do it – we just have to believe in ourselves.

This set contains six of our delicious vanilla iced biscuits and comes gift wrapped with a hand written gift note. Don’t forget to add the details for this in the box opposite.

If you would like a name adding to the biscuit, please add that in the personalisation box opposite too.

All biscuits are baked and stamped to order so colour may vary from shown.



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