to The Kitsch Hen

Our business began with one simple mission – to spread kindness and make people smile with our letterbox biscuit gifts.

From our bakery in Rutland we make delicious vanilla biscuits and hand stamp each with a special message before gift wrapping them and sending them through the post to brighten someones day.


letterbox friendly gifts

I began baking biscuits during a really tough time in my life. My husband and I were going through our second cycle of fertility treatment and I was feeling really lost and alone.

I had a couple of friends I’d made online who were going through the same challenge and wanted to send them something to let them know I was thinking about them. Flowers or a card didn’t feel quite right so I baked some biscuits and stamped little messages of hope onto them and sent them through the post.

It sparked an idea.... what if I could find a way to make our situation into something positive and purposeful. What if I could use my baking skills and creativity to help people make each other smile and have a heartfelt way to reach out to each other, both in sad times, but also to celebrate happy occasions too.

Fast forward from 2015 to now and we are a team of four, working hard to spread  edible inspiration across the country and brighten peoples doormats with our letterbox friendly range of biscuit gifts.