Yep it’s still January! Everyone seems to be grumbling about how long this month feels, but in a world where time is moving faster and faster I’m a big fan of a month that offers a feeling of more time rather than less and a slowness that I’m seriously doing my best to embrace.

But it is almost February so this week’s blog is dedicated to Valentine’s Day…I hope you love this years collection as much as we all do!


We hope that however you feel about February the 14th we’ve got just the right box of letterbox love for you to share.

And that includes the most important kind of love – the kind that’s directed to yourself!


My personal favourite set this year is our box of Self Love Hearts…four vanilla heart shaped biscuits, stamped with reminders that I know I often need to hear, and so I thought maybe you do too.

Sometimes we have to really make a point of remembering that we are worth the love and care we so willingly show to others, so maybe this is a perfect opportunity to do something kind and thoughtful for YOU.

Valentine’s Day is about friendship too…

So as always we have our ‘Better than boys’ set and we’ve added a single biscuit version too this year so if you have a friend who deserves a little edible treat, this might be just the thing.

Alongside these, we’ve hopefully got the right biscuity message for everyone who wants to share any kind of love this February 14th.

Many of this years sets can have a name added to at least one biscuit too, so they’re as personal as it comes!

As always, we are opening for pre-orders & all Valentine’s Day biscuits will be sent via Royal Mail First Class on February the 9th.

Have a good rest of the week and get outside, look up and marvel at how lucky we are to be here if you can.


This week I’ve been…


Listening to… Johan Hari on Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast ‘Feel Better Live More’ – wowzer. This was a conversation that I haven’t stopped thinking about. Johan has just written a new book ‘Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention’ and it links so closely to the book I’ve been reading this week too (see below!) about how we use our time. There’s so much to say about it, but in the interest of not writing a giant essay, I’ll just say go listen!


Reading... ‘4 Thousand Weeks, Time And How to Use It’ by Oliver Burkman. More and more we continually push ourselves to increase productivity and ‘get more done’ and then berate ourselves when we inevitably can’t achieve it. Maybe it’s time to embrace our limitations and learn that the magic is in knowing that we can’t do it all but deliberately choosing how best we can use the time we do have, without the guilt and worry. I loved it.


Watching… Season three of ‘Afterlife‘. I wanted to watch this slowly but we got absorbed in while we were away in Yorkshire and devoured the whole season in a week. As clever, funny and heartbreakingly real as I expected. Beautiful.