I’ve just come back in from walking the dogs and I can’t feel my toes. It’s so sad to have had to say goodbye to the warm weather and I’m hoping it’ll be back before too long – I’m ready for summer now I’ve had a little reminder of how the sunshine makes us all feel.

Sunsets down by the water have been magic this last week, and It gives me so much more incentive to get my running shoes on!

It was also really lovely to potter about in the garden, and notice things coming back to life. It’s one of my favourite times of the year when things start gently emerging from the earth after their wintering – i feel the same way. The warmth and the light gives me such a boost. We were away at the weekend, but on Friday I planted some bulbs and found homes for a couple of new plants and I’ll look forward to seeing them grow.

Mothers Day weekend is a tricky one, so to plant things into the ground, knowing that I’m responsible for nurturing and caring for them to help them grow, feels incredibly soothing and important to me, I wonder if you feel the same?

No sooner is one occasion over, we’re onto another it always seems at this time of year! Hopefully you haven’t missed the launch of our Easter Collection.

If you’re looking for something different to chocolate that’s egg-stra thoughtful, special and personalised – we’ve got just the thing. From our small boxes of super cute mini chicks and bunnies, to larger boxes with enough biscuits for the whole family.  We’ll even add a cute Easter themed hand written card free of charge too! You can pre order here.

We also launched our new collaboration with Wedding Planner UK last week and I’m so excited about it!

We’ve created a biscuit subscription service (with an optional Planner for all those super important lists!) that helps countdown to a wedding day in the most delicious and personal way.

If you’re looking for an engagement gift for a special couple, or are planning your own wedding and want to make it more fun, delicious and organised, head over to the website to find out more.

Sending love as always.

This week I’m…

Listening to… Holly Tucker’s Lightbulb Moments podcast. Short 15 minute podcast episodes that are sort of the ‘best bits’ from Holly’s Conversations of Inspiration podcast Interviews, together with a few words of wisdom and reflections from Holly. I’ve been finding them so inspiring and just really good nuggets to remember about running and growing a business.

Reading… This incredibly beautiful poem ‘The anatomy of peace’ by John Roedel. It’s a gentle, moving reminder of the importance of returning to our breath when we feel lost, disconnected or overwhelmed. It feels really apt this week as it’s Yoga training weekend and I’m teaching my first meditation session.

Watching… Keeping on the theme of meditation, Grethen Rubin linked to this in her newsletter a couple of weeks ago. It is a short film from National Geographic of snow monkeys in hot springs and it is magic.