Why sharing our story matters...

A quick note before we get started this week… the first part of this blog is about the potentially sensitive subject of infertility and IVF, so if for any reason you need to either not read this week, or scroll on past to the regular bakery news, please do, and know that that is absolutely fine to do so.

A couple of weeks ago I received a voice note from a friend, Emma, asking me if I would write a piece for her newsletter. The invitation floored me for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Emma is someone I admire enormously and her newsletter, “Trying…”, has a LOT of subscribers, so that she would trust me with her readers felt like a really big responsibility and a really big honour.

Secondly, she was inviting me to share a big chapter of my life that I knew would make me feel incredibly vulnerable and that I also knew wouldn’t be easy to excavate from the tucked away corners of my heart and write about without accepting that it would bring a whole heap of emotions.

My piece for the newsletter was called ‘Trying… to build a life without children’. The response to it was far beyond anything I was prepared for, and I’ve spent the last week reading and replying to messages, emails and comments from people who have travelled (or are travelling) a similar path. It’s been so moving to hear so many shared stories of how it feels to realise that it’s time to begin to let go of what you hoped and imagined life was going to look like, and start living it as it is. It’s something that we just don’t talk about and I think we need to.

I’ve shared parts of our decade-long journey through infertility and IVF before, not least because I think it’s so very important that we don’t hide away from the parts of us that hurt. I think it’s the parts that feel like ‘failures’  that teach us the most about ourselves and give us the most chance to experience the beautiful, human connections that make life so meaningful.

Writing the piece, and the response to it made me realise me how important (where we feel it’s safe, and right to do so) it is to be honest and to share our experiences, the happy ones AND the hard, heartbreaking ones – because we never know who might feel some comfort learning that they are not the only one.

If you have not yet read the piece, but feel you would like to please click HERE.

At the bakery…

We had our first Christmas Baking project at the bakery this week (yikes!), with some great customised biscuits for DeVere Hotels who were launching a Christmas event.

We’ve also been finalising this year’s advent biscuit collection. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I will NEVER get used to working so far ahead of myself, but it is part and parcel of being a retailer and I’m constantly trying to get better at it!


This week I’m…

Listening to… Season Three of Titting About.
If you passed me walking the dogs around Rutland Water this weekend, you probably thought I was a bit odd, as Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders were actually making me laugh out loud with their hilarious chats – a proper tonic.

Reading… This super interesting article from Countryfile about the ‘exceptional minds of Border Collies’. It was fascinating and really made me think more about our two girls and how we can be sure we’re doing our best to understand them, and keep them happy. If you have Borders (or even if you don’t) it’s worth a read!

Shopping at… Kim Carlow. We went to North Devon last week to stay with friends, and popped into Kim’s studio in Ilfracombe. She creates beautiful lino cut prints with coastal themes and runs workshops too so if you’re local, pop in and see her.

Your pace...is your pace!

I have realised something about myself this last 12 months or so…I’ll admit, I feel equal parts slightly embarrassed, and also strangely delighted that at the age of 42 there are some really big things about who I am, woven threads of what makes me, me – that I’m only just really beginning to properly understand and be really okay with.

I have realised that my pace is a slow one.

I’m slow to make decisions…I’m slow to get on board with ideas…and I’m slow to follow them through. I’m slow to realise what I need and what I want (see my point above!) and I’m often slow to reflect and adjust accordingly.

But I’ve also realised that it’s okay to go with the slow.

I’ve spent years trying to bully myself into being more decisive and quicker to choose, telling myself that a lack of speed is a major failing, a procrastination tool, a confirmation that I’m flaky and can’t commit. I’ve tied myself up in knots with self criticism about how as an entrepreneur and a business owner I have to be quick off the mark, to make a call, choose the ‘right’ thing, and to know my own mind.

But actually it’s none of those things. I’m just a human being who takes time to figure out what feels right.

I’ve always blamed it on fear. Fear of making a mistake, of choosing wrong and of what the consequences might be. But although I’m aware that a small part of it probably is that, or certainly has been in the past, I know it’s not the full reason I take my time. It’s just how I was made.

It’s frustrating sometimes, of course it is. I’m the running joke in my circle of friends because I’ve been known (on more than one occasion) to chase a waiter across the restaurant after I’ve ordered because I rushed into deciding what to eat and I changed my mind. It’s why my worst nightmare would be a major home renovation, as just the thought of having all those decisions to make literally makes my heart beat triple in speed.

But it’s also part of what makes me absolutely 100% me and I’m learning to love it. I think we all let the world convince us that there are many parts of us that aren’t right, or aren’t enough. That we’d be better and do better if we were or did more X,Y or Z. But the truth is that working with, rather than against those parts of us that are simply who we are, is a much lovelier and kinder way to live.

I wonder if some of the magic that make you who you are,  you think you should change to ‘do it right’ too? I’m finding that life feels much gentler when we start to lean into that magic and start to accept it rather than try to push it away.

Anyway, over to biscuits…

Biscuits of the week…

I loved baking these thank yous from a bride and groom for their wedding party – aren’t they gorgeous!

Do not forget that if our standard sets do not quite send the right message…you can choose your own!

Have a lovely end to July…how did that happen?!


This week I’m…

Hugging more… I read somewhere that the optimal hug time is 20 seconds for oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) to be released, and that creates a stronger bond and connection between the huggers. Granted it feels a bit weird at first, and I wouldn’t try it with people you don’t know so well, but I’ve been long hugging with my friends, and it just somehow makes me feel so much more ‘in the moment’. It’s lovely!

Watching…Prima Facie I couldn’t get tickets to see this at the theatre in London, but our local cinema was screening a filming from one of the London performances and it was INCREDIBLE. So powerful, so thought provoking and absolutely amazing performance by Jodie comer. I can’t recommend it enough (TW: sex, violence & rape).

Reading and cooking… from Melissa Helmsleys new cookbook Feel Good. I’ve always been super interested in nutrition and feeding myself well, and kept seeing so many delicious looking recipes on Melissa’s Instagram account. So I bought her new book and it’s reignited my cooking mojo in a big way – deeeelicious AND nourishing, what’s not to love!

Father's Day 2022 is now open for pre-orders...we hope you love it!

I’m writing this super early in the morning, listening through the open window to the birds chatting away to each other in the garden and watching the sun come up. When I’m awake for it, I’m always reminded how magic this part of the day is and how much I love that little bit of quiet bonus time before the world wakes up and we feel we have to start doing rather than just being.

The weekend just gone was my penultimate yoga teacher training weekend so it was a full one, and my brain feels a little bit bamboozled, but I just found out I passed my anatomy and philosophy exams! So it’s just the practical actually teaching yoga exam left next month and then I’m a fully qualified yoga teacher. I can’t quite believe how quickly the last 9 months have gone, and how much I’ve loved it!

It’s changed my perspective on life far more than I had anticipated (I thought yoga was mostly about what happens on the mat and it’s been quite the adventure learning that that’s only the tip of the yoga iceberg!), and it’s made me think a lot about the business, what it means to me and what I want it to mean to others. With that in mind, we’re working away on a brand new biscuit range that feels like it’s connecting me right back to the very heart of what I set The Kitsch Hen up to do. We’ll be launching it later on this month. It’s given me a spring in my step that’s been missing for a little while and it feels really lovely. I can’t wait to share it with you – you’ll be the first to know of course.

Right, onto biscuits!!

You might have seen on our social media that our 2022 Fathers Day biscuit collection is now live!

As always you can get yourself organised and pre-order your biscuit gifts from tomorrow and we’ll bake, stamp and ship them out to arrive a couple of days before Father’s Day on June 19th.

Dads are so tricky to buy for but gifting a delicious, thoughtful and personalised treat will always bring a smile and make dads feel special, plus there are plenty of biscuits in a box for sharing too!

In the bakery this week…

We’ve just added this Jubilee Celebration Biscuit box to the website. Perfect if you’re having a party, or want to send a treat to someone to mark the Platinum Jubilee next month.

We also have the option of having them individually wrapped so if you’re planning an event they’re a great ‘take home’ gift idea too. Just pop us an email if you’d like to have a chat about your ideas.

Right, I’d better get myself up and out and making the most of the sunshine before I head to the bakery for the day!

With love as always.

This week I’m…

Watching…  Freeze The Fear with Wim Hof. Oh I am loving this BBC programme. I think it’s been out for a few weeks but I’ve just got into it and it’s absolutely brilliant. I’m already a cold shower and cold water swimming convert simply because it makes me feel good, but I’m loving learning a bit more about the science behind it all too!

Listening to… How To Do The Work on Audible. A newish book by Nicole LaPera after a friend recommended it and I’m really enjoying it. It’s had pretty mixed reviews and I’m only a third or so in but it’s been really insightful for me so far.

Reading… my lovely insta friend @maps_and_me sent me a new book in the post last week, Heavily Meditated by Caitlin Cady and although I’ve only skimmed through it so far, I think it’s going to be great. Over the last few months I’ve begun meditating regularly and I think it’s changing my life a little bit. I’m eager to read all I can on the subject at the moment so this came at such a perfect time and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a while...including you!

I’m writing this blog from the little balcony of our home for a few days in Northern Italy. It’s been a really long time since we had a break outside the UK (like it has for most of us!) and although I was a tiny bit anxious about travelling, it is really really lovely to be exploring somewhere new.

We’re staying in a small hotel in the Imagna Valley just north of Bergamo, with incredible views down over the valley and a really magic stillness and peacefulness (aside from the happy chatter of birds) that is just what my soul needs this week.

I mentioned on Instagram a couple of days ago, that learning to recognise our capacity before we reach it is so important.

Our world turns so fast now (remember how we said in lockdown we wouldn’t let it go back to how it was?). At least mine does, and it often feels conflicted with how I feel inside. In my heart I feel drawn more and more to slowness and the gentle consideration of what might be next rather than rushing headlong. But running a business, being a human, and living in the 21st century, I often find it really really hard to live that slower pace. The result being that I can easily end up feeling really out of kilter, and just recently, teetering on the edge of burnout.

I think this time I’ve just about caught it, known myself well enough to step away just at the right time, and trust that resting and pressing pause will be a help not a hindrance to keeping to my path.

Maybe it’s a good day today to stop, just for a minute or two and ask yourself the same question. What is your capacity? How close to reaching it are you? And maybe if you’re there, it’s a good day to readjust slightly.

Thank you to Sasha at Frank and Feel for giving me the nudge to consider my own capacity in her newsletter a couple of weeks ago.

In the bakery…

Have you seen out new Wedding collection? We’ve launched a whole collection of new biscuits. From thank yous to your photographer, bridesmaid requests and even a gorgeous gift for a wedding morning treat to your love.

Plus we have a brilliant new biscuit subscription that counts down to the big day in the loveliest way. A fab engagement gift or treat for yourself if you’ve recently said ‘I do’!

Biscuits of the week…

A beautiful sentiment, and as you’ll know, always our favourites to bake and stamp. We hope these messages helped their recipient feel loved, cared for and thought of when they landed through their letterbox this week.

With love from Italy

This week I’m…

Reading… “When The Stars Go Dark” by Paula McLain – I bought this at the airport yesterday and cannot put it down!

Listening to… “Best Friends Therapy” with Elizabeth Day & Emma Reed Turrell – a friend sent me a link to this new podcast series and I am so grateful that she did. I’ve just listened the ‘Shoulds and Oughts’ episode and spent the whole 38 minutes nodding my head in agreement! I have a feeling the series will be full of those lovely moments of thinking ‘well thank goodness it’s not just me’.

Planning… what to do at Lake Maggiore, our next stop on our little holiday. If anyones been I’d love to know your recommendations and tips!

Our Easter Collection has launched...can spring arrive now? 💐

I’ve just come back in from walking the dogs and I can’t feel my toes. It’s so sad to have had to say goodbye to the warm weather and I’m hoping it’ll be back before too long – I’m ready for summer now I’ve had a little reminder of how the sunshine makes us all feel.

Sunsets down by the water have been magic this last week, and It gives me so much more incentive to get my running shoes on!

It was also really lovely to potter about in the garden, and notice things coming back to life. It’s one of my favourite times of the year when things start gently emerging from the earth after their wintering – i feel the same way. The warmth and the light gives me such a boost. We were away at the weekend, but on Friday I planted some bulbs and found homes for a couple of new plants and I’ll look forward to seeing them grow.

Mothers Day weekend is a tricky one, so to plant things into the ground, knowing that I’m responsible for nurturing and caring for them to help them grow, feels incredibly soothing and important to me, I wonder if you feel the same?

No sooner is one occasion over, we’re onto another it always seems at this time of year! Hopefully you haven’t missed the launch of our Easter Collection.

If you’re looking for something different to chocolate that’s egg-stra thoughtful, special and personalised – we’ve got just the thing. From our small boxes of super cute mini chicks and bunnies, to larger boxes with enough biscuits for the whole family.  We’ll even add a cute Easter themed hand written card free of charge too! You can pre order here.

We also launched our new collaboration with Wedding Planner UK last week and I’m so excited about it!

We’ve created a biscuit subscription service (with an optional Planner for all those super important lists!) that helps countdown to a wedding day in the most delicious and personal way.

If you’re looking for an engagement gift for a special couple, or are planning your own wedding and want to make it more fun, delicious and organised, head over to the website to find out more.

Sending love as always.

This week I’m…

Listening to… Holly Tucker’s Lightbulb Moments podcast. Short 15 minute podcast episodes that are sort of the ‘best bits’ from Holly’s Conversations of Inspiration podcast Interviews, together with a few words of wisdom and reflections from Holly. I’ve been finding them so inspiring and just really good nuggets to remember about running and growing a business.

Reading… This incredibly beautiful poem ‘The anatomy of peace’ by John Roedel. It’s a gentle, moving reminder of the importance of returning to our breath when we feel lost, disconnected or overwhelmed. It feels really apt this week as it’s Yoga training weekend and I’m teaching my first meditation session.

Watching… Keeping on the theme of meditation, Grethen Rubin linked to this in her newsletter a couple of weeks ago. It is a short film from National Geographic of snow monkeys in hot springs and it is magic.

Something extra special is launching...

If you follow The Kitsch Hen on Instagram then you’ll know I often talk about small businesses that I love to buy from, so I decided to put a few of my favourite products together and create two limited edition gift boxes for Mother’s Day.

We only have a small number available of each, so if you’d like to get your hands on one don’t delay. We’ll be sending all Mothers Day gifts out on March 23rd.

I’ve put together a  collection of lovely treats that offer a thoughtful reminder to slow down and take a break (find me someone that doesn’t need to be told to do that!) and let a special mum know how much you appreciate them. You’ll find them HERE.

Items include a hand poured candle from Ochre and Flax, a relaxation eye pillow from Marley and Bear, coffee from our friend Emma at Land Girls, Hand-tied dried flower posies from Ring-a-ring-o-posies, a flower growing business based in the next door village along to me in Rutland and of course, hand stamped personalised biscuits!

I’ll be popping some posts up on Instagram to introduce and talk a little more about the small businesses (and the people) behind each item so keep an eye out there if you’d like to know more.

In addition, we’re working on creating a permanent range of curated gift boxes, so if biscuits alone aren’t quite enough, you can send a carefully curated box of goodies to celebrate something, spark some joy or simply make someone smile.

With love always

No one is you & that is your superpower 💕

I hope you’re doing okay at the moment, I know everything feels heavy and we all feel a little unsteady on our feet. That’s okay, sometimes we just need to keep putting one in front of the other.

I was listening to Delia Smith on Elizabeth Day’s podcast this week and she was talking about what a miracle we are. How incredible is it that in all the years of humans existing and all the millions of us there have been, we are ALL different.

I loved it and it got me thinking…it can feel hard to believe we can make a difference when we feel our impact is so small and we feel like everyone else is doing it already (and probably doing it better than us). There is so much information out there about everyone and everything and what they’re all achieving, it’s easy to feel like we maybe shouldn’t even bother trying.

But there are two problems with that. The thing is, no-one exists with the very same blend of ‘you’ ness as you. No one shares your unique mix of skills, ideas, personality, story and gift. No one. Not one person. In addition, we all know that it’s the many many little things we all do that add up to the big things, so it’s ALWAYS worth doing our bit, no matter how small it feels.

If you don’t trust in yourself, if you don’t share your gifts and your ideas, and do the things that scare you a bit but your heart keeps nudging you to do, how sad it will be that the world will miss out on the magic that only you can bring. We all need that magic, we all need YOU.

Just something to think about on a quiet Saturday morning ❤️.

In the bakery this week…

LOVED baking these biscuits for a special order this week – we’ve always made shaped and themed biscuits for bespoke orders, but they’re not part of our core range and I sometimes wonder if people know it’s something we can (and love to) create.

So if you’ve got an occasion coming up and have some ideas of how biscuits might be a lovely, fun addition and a good talking point…please do get in touch.

I’ve also been in sorting mode this week as we took on an adjoining room to the bakery at the beginning of the month so we’ve been moving all our office / admin / packaging into the new space and trying to get it all organised.

It’s giving us lots more space in the bakery itself, and room for somewhere for the team to go to put their feet up for a cuppa during a busy day.

Of course, I’m me, so I’m having a little wobble about it, as its doubling our space and so also the rent we pay! But as Marlen my VA says, ‘the scary things are usually the most exciting things too’. So i’m concentrating my energy on thinking up all the new things we can do now we have more space – Biscuit decorating workshops maybe?

Right, I’m off for a little run by the water before heading off to Yoga training, it’s like a mini retreat each month and I love it. Take it easy this weekend and go slow if you can.

With love

This week I’m…

Listening to… Mitch Albom’s Podcast, Tuesday People. Mitch’s books have always been right up there on my favourite books of all time lists and I’ve recently discovered his podcast – it’s great. He also has a new novel out ‘The stranger in the lifeboat’. I think it’s going to be a really beautiful story about love, and hope and kindness and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Cooking….. My Peanut Butter obsession continues and for yoga weekend, I’ve made a deeeelicious sweet potato, spinach and peanut butter curry from a friend’s recommendation and a recipe from Delicious magazine – it is SO good and a perfect fuel for yoga-ing and studying this weekend.

Reading….Edith Egars book The Choice. I heard her talk on a podcast and bought her book a little while ago. Given the horrendous and heartbreaking things going on in the world at the moment, Edith’s story about surviving Auschwitz and what it taught her about  survival and freedom, somehow gives me hope for all the people who’s lives are being torn apart.

Edible treats for mum on Mother's Day ❤️

I’ve had a pretty full week getting everything ready for this year’s Mothers Day Collection, working on a couple of lovely orders we’ve had for business biscuits this week AND a new collection launch that I’ll share with you really soon.

As I’m writing this the sun is streaming in through the window and I’m hoping that the crazy weather of the last week is behind us. My husband is busy on the farm with calving about to start, so I’m really hopeful that some sunshine will arrive soon which makes his life and work a bit easier.

Plus I’ll be more inclined to go down to help out with feeding the new arrivals and catching up with what’s been going on down on the farm over the last few months – I’m a fair weather farmers wife for sure!

Our Mother’s Day Collection is launching tomorrow.

We’ve included a couple your favourite biscuit boxes from last year, but also some new sets that we love so we hope you do too!

As always, we’ll be opening for pre-orders and we’ll bake, stamp and ship biscuits to arrive a few days before Mother’s Day on the 27th March.

Biscuits of the week…

Last week, we had some great ‘You Choose’ biscuit gift orders, including a personalised gift for a Hen Party invitation to be sent to the bride to be.

Each biscuit was stamped with a special message giving the bride the details of where she needed to be and when, what she should pack and a few clues about what they would be doing! Isn’t that a great idea?

We also loved this set, a perfect example of edible inspiration – and you know how much we love orders like this!

Have a great weekend friends.

With love

This week I’m…

Watching… ‘Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure’. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, but it was just lovely. So funny watching Kelvin and his wife getting to grips with life on their new farm, and seeing how much they loved swapping their city life for a new adventure in the country. Living really rurally myself and being married to a farmer, it reminded me how much I have to be grateful for, and it warmed my heart.

Reading…This beautiful article by Emma Thompson written for The Guardian about balancing between the generations of her family. Just a really tender piece of writing that although I can’t hope to ever understand, not having children myself, still somehow resonated with me. It’s beautiful.

Wearing… My wonderful virtual assistant and dear friend Marlen bought me a special sweater for Christmas from Muthahood. I’m wearing it now as I write this and it’s the softest, cosiest and prettiest item in my wardrobe at the moment. It’s 100% organic cotton, with a brushed fleece lining and I love it a lot. If you don’t know Muthahood, do check them out. Gemma created her business and The Strong Girls Club with the aim of empowering women and girls through positive, meaningful messages and it’s a really lovely business to support.

A time for love...however that looks for you!

So we’ve arrived in February.. I know I’m the only person who is sad to say goodbye to the never ending month of January, though knowing we’re one step closer to spring is a happy thing isn’t it.

Isn’t it lovely how this year there’s a theme going on of February being a month of LOVE in all it’s forms?

I think it’s been a really noticeable and positive shift and feels like another gentle encouragement to take stock a little and be grateful for all those relationships and connections we have that make us human.

I won’t keep going on about how we have to keep working on the most important relationship of all – with ourselves, but you know I think it’s key to everything.

Maybe this weekend is a good time to listen in to that inner voice a little more closely and check it is being kind, understanding and forgiving. If it isn’t (and it often isn’t) perhaps today is a good opportunity to gently begin to rewrite the script and speak to yourself as you might a friend.

Try to be a bit more gentle, encouraging and compassionate with and towards yourself if you can, we’re all just doing our best.

We have had a few emails recently about placing orders in advance of special occasion…this is something we are more than happy to help with! Being able to tick things off your to-do lists is something we always encourage.

There are a couple of ways to do this…

– during the checkout stage there is a “CUSTOMER ORDER NOTES” box. In here you can pop the date of the special occasion. We will then put the order on hold until a few days before this date, bake the biscuits fresh and send them on their way via Royal Mail First Class. We will pop a sticker on the parcel to let the recipient know to “SAVE ME UNTIL…” the special date.

– if you would prefer a guaranteed delivery date, you can choose this upgraded shipping option during the check out process. These can be selected up to 5 weeks in advance. We will again pop the order on hold & send it the day before via Royal Mail Guaranteed Next Day Delivery.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we can advise you from there.

As a little reminder, we are opening for pre-orders & all Valentine’s Day biscuits will be sent via Royal Mail First Class on February the 9th.


This week I’m…

Listening to… Atomic Habits by James Clear on Audible. I downloaded and listened to this a year or so ago, but have recently signed up for his weekly newsletter (which is great!) and felt like re-listening to the book. It’s been a good reminder to myself that it’s the micro changes to our days that really matter, and that lead to the big growth.

Cooking….. Lots of delicious food! I signed up for Nutrition Francesca’s 7 day Reset earlier in January but have waited until this last week to follow it. It’s a week of really delicious, nourishing and healthy recipes that is just what I needed to give myself a little nutritional boost after Christmas.

Reading…. I’ve just bought a new book ‘ How to Do Nothing‘ by Jenny O’dell – I think it’ll be a really good follow on from 4000 weeks that I’ve been reading in January. I’m really enjoying delving into the importance of being mindful of how and where we direct our attention, direction and productivity – increasingly hard in the world of distraction we live in today. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

Yep it’s still January! Everyone seems to be grumbling about how long this month feels, but in a world where time is moving faster and faster I’m a big fan of a month that offers a feeling of more time rather than less and a slowness that I’m seriously doing my best to embrace.

But it is almost February so this week’s blog is dedicated to Valentine’s Day…I hope you love this years collection as much as we all do!


We hope that however you feel about February the 14th we’ve got just the right box of letterbox love for you to share.

And that includes the most important kind of love – the kind that’s directed to yourself!


My personal favourite set this year is our box of Self Love Hearts…four vanilla heart shaped biscuits, stamped with reminders that I know I often need to hear, and so I thought maybe you do too.

Sometimes we have to really make a point of remembering that we are worth the love and care we so willingly show to others, so maybe this is a perfect opportunity to do something kind and thoughtful for YOU.

Valentine’s Day is about friendship too…

So as always we have our ‘Better than boys’ set and we’ve added a single biscuit version too this year so if you have a friend who deserves a little edible treat, this might be just the thing.

Alongside these, we’ve hopefully got the right biscuity message for everyone who wants to share any kind of love this February 14th.

Many of this years sets can have a name added to at least one biscuit too, so they’re as personal as it comes!

As always, we are opening for pre-orders & all Valentine’s Day biscuits will be sent via Royal Mail First Class on February the 9th.

Have a good rest of the week and get outside, look up and marvel at how lucky we are to be here if you can.


This week I’ve been…


Listening to… Johan Hari on Rangan Chatterjee’s podcast ‘Feel Better Live More’ – wowzer. This was a conversation that I haven’t stopped thinking about. Johan has just written a new book ‘Stolen Focus – Why You Can’t Pay Attention’ and it links so closely to the book I’ve been reading this week too (see below!) about how we use our time. There’s so much to say about it, but in the interest of not writing a giant essay, I’ll just say go listen!


Reading... ‘4 Thousand Weeks, Time And How to Use It’ by Oliver Burkman. More and more we continually push ourselves to increase productivity and ‘get more done’ and then berate ourselves when we inevitably can’t achieve it. Maybe it’s time to embrace our limitations and learn that the magic is in knowing that we can’t do it all but deliberately choosing how best we can use the time we do have, without the guilt and worry. I loved it.


Watching… Season three of ‘Afterlife‘. I wanted to watch this slowly but we got absorbed in while we were away in Yorkshire and devoured the whole season in a week. As clever, funny and heartbreakingly real as I expected. Beautiful.