Off we go, adventuring into 2022.

Are you one for setting big goals and launching off with boundless enthusiasm, or are you easing into it gently this year?

Either way is just how it should be, if it feels right for you. To me, although we’re in January (and that definitely brings with it a sense of newness and focus) – it is also still very much winter. I’m taking my lead from nature this year and remembering that in a couple of months time, when spring arrives, I’ll feel a renewed sense of energy. Until then, I’ll be doing what I can to hold on to a sense of quiet focus rather than expecting and demanding big leaps forward.  Maybe you feel the same?


We were back at the bakery fully last week, although we did stay open through the holidays this year. It was actually really lovely to keep that connection over the break rather than completely stepping away. I know that might sound a little unlike me, given that I’m a firm believer in taking proper breaks (though not always so good at taking my advice I know!). Slowing right down though rather than completely stopping for the full two weeks felt enough of a chance for us all to breathe, make space and enjoy the holidays. Plus I’m off to Yorkshire for a holiday (the bakery team will still be biscuiting away, don’t worry!) so I do have a  ‘proper break’ to look forward to. Fingers crossed for snow!

As always, what we’re baking reflects what’s going on out there in the world and there’s definitely a lot of love in the air. Engagement biscuits are hands down more popular than anything else this week and it feels like such a special treat to be involved in the celebrations!


Our Thank You biscuits are right up there too. In a world where handwritten thank you cards seem to be becoming a thing of the past, it’s been so lovely to see so many of you thinking about personal ways to send gratitude. For thoughtful Christmas gifts, for generous hosts, and for friends and family who’ve been helping out with isolation situations over the last few weeks.


At this time of year, after the fullness of Christmas, I think celebrating achievements, milestones or new adventures can get missed, so I’m happy we’re here for you to help mark January birthdays, new jobs and house moves in a more personal and thoughtful way. It’s an honour and a privilege.

With love and all the hope that 2022 unfolds just as you need and want it to.


This week I’ve been…

Reading… my absolute favourite read of the holidays. “Do your Om thing“. What. A. Book. Every page is changing the way I think about my life in the best possible way and it’s a beautiful start to a fresh year.

Watching… the new season of “Queer Eye“. Well if there’s anything more joy filled and heartwarming on television at the moment, I’m yet to find it. Plus I’m not adverse to a bit of time spent enjoying Antony with his top off 🤣.

Making time for… Planning. This year one of my hopes is to nurture my relationship with Social Media and to find more ways to make it feel positive. I have SO much to thank it for and it makes me feel sad how much of a negative distraction it can sometimes feel. Something I am trying out is planning my content more so it fits into specific time blocks rather than just getting squeezed in in between other jobs and becoming a bit of a weight on my shoulders. Plus I’m hoping it will minimise the doom scrolling! I’ve joined Janet Murray’s 90 day Curator’s Club and we’ll see how it goes. So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the accountability and focus. I’ll let you know how I get on over the next 90 days.