So we’ve arrived in February.. I know I’m the only person who is sad to say goodbye to the never ending month of January, though knowing we’re one step closer to spring is a happy thing isn’t it.

Isn’t it lovely how this year there’s a theme going on of February being a month of LOVE in all it’s forms?

I think it’s been a really noticeable and positive shift and feels like another gentle encouragement to take stock a little and be grateful for all those relationships and connections we have that make us human.

I won’t keep going on about how we have to keep working on the most important relationship of all – with ourselves, but you know I think it’s key to everything.

Maybe this weekend is a good time to listen in to that inner voice a little more closely and check it is being kind, understanding and forgiving. If it isn’t (and it often isn’t) perhaps today is a good opportunity to gently begin to rewrite the script and speak to yourself as you might a friend.

Try to be a bit more gentle, encouraging and compassionate with and towards yourself if you can, we’re all just doing our best.

We have had a few emails recently about placing orders in advance of special occasion…this is something we are more than happy to help with! Being able to tick things off your to-do lists is something we always encourage.

There are a couple of ways to do this…

– during the checkout stage there is a “CUSTOMER ORDER NOTES” box. In here you can pop the date of the special occasion. We will then put the order on hold until a few days before this date, bake the biscuits fresh and send them on their way via Royal Mail First Class. We will pop a sticker on the parcel to let the recipient know to “SAVE ME UNTIL…” the special date.

– if you would prefer a guaranteed delivery date, you can choose this upgraded shipping option during the check out process. These can be selected up to 5 weeks in advance. We will again pop the order on hold & send it the day before via Royal Mail Guaranteed Next Day Delivery.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to drop us a line and we can advise you from there.

As a little reminder, we are opening for pre-orders & all Valentine’s Day biscuits will be sent via Royal Mail First Class on February the 9th.


This week I’m…

Listening to… Atomic Habits by James Clear on Audible. I downloaded and listened to this a year or so ago, but have recently signed up for his weekly newsletter (which is great!) and felt like re-listening to the book. It’s been a good reminder to myself that it’s the micro changes to our days that really matter, and that lead to the big growth.

Cooking….. Lots of delicious food! I signed up for Nutrition Francesca’s 7 day Reset earlier in January but have waited until this last week to follow it. It’s a week of really delicious, nourishing and healthy recipes that is just what I needed to give myself a little nutritional boost after Christmas.

Reading…. I’ve just bought a new book ‘ How to Do Nothing‘ by Jenny O’dell – I think it’ll be a really good follow on from 4000 weeks that I’ve been reading in January. I’m really enjoying delving into the importance of being mindful of how and where we direct our attention, direction and productivity – increasingly hard in the world of distraction we live in today.